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The database GEOROC (Geochemistry of Rocks of the Oceans and Continents) is maintained by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz. The database is a comprehensive collection of published analyses of igneous rocks (volcanic rocks, plutonic rocks, and mantle xenoliths). It contains major and trace element concentrations, radiogenic and nonradiogenic isotope ratios as well as analytical ages for whole rocks, glasses, minerals and inclusions. Samples come from 11 different geological settings. Metadata include, among others, geographic location with latitude and longitude, rock class and rock type, alteration grade, analytical method, laboratory, reference materials and references

Current content of GEOROC:

  • 18,870 papers
  • 570,720 samples
  • 1,768,720 analyses
  • 25,684,140 single data values

(for a complete list of references available in GEOROC, click here).

Applications of the database GEOROC are numerous in the study of volcanic rocks but also in sedimentary, palaeooceanographic, as well as atmospheric research (more).

Datasets in GEOROC are cross-linked with GeoReM, an MPI database for reference materials of geological and environmental interest, such as rock powders, synthetic and natural glasses as well as minerals, isotopic, biological, river water and seawater reference materials.

Photos by B. Schramm, C. Chauvel, N. Arndt, and B. Sarbas

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